Laurel soap is known as one of the oldest types of soap that were used since ancient times around the world, which is characterized by being one of the purest types of soap.

It is made of purely natural elements, like olive oil, laurel oil, sodium hydroxide and water. Other natural elements are also essential in Laurel Soap, such as honey,  pure essential oils, Dead Sea salts, organic oils, and red clay. Usually, olive oil constitutes between 60-98% of the components of soap, while the proportion of laurel oil is between 2% to 40%.

Unlike other types of soap, Laurel soap can float on the surface of the water.

Laurel soap is characterized by a tremendous moisturizing property, and therefore it is used to moisturize the skin of adults and children. Due to its effective and natural elements, it is suitable for all skin types without exception, and it gives a silky and smooth texture. Moreover, it is also very suitable for people who suffer from sensitive skin.

Aleppo city is famous for this type of natural soap. Laurel Soap has been known in many regions, countries in Syria and elsewhere. Olive oil predominates over the manufacture of Aleppo soap and other traditional soaps. And you can see, Aleppo soap is clearly different from others.